Tolkien Celebration 2019 – Adding to the collection

As stated yesterday, I’m going to be playing and teaching Tolkien-themed board games at McMenamin Kennedy School’s annual Tolkien Birthday Celebration, on Saturday January 12th from 11am-3pm. I posted the list of games that I own that I’ll be bringing to people to play. But it also got me thinking about a list of games I’d like to get. Maybe I can snatch a couple up before the 12th. So here’s my list of Tolkien games I want to acquire in order of release year:

Tolkien Celebration 2019

Featured image by D.W. Luebbert

So McMenamin’s hosts an annual celebration for Tolkien’s birthday. The event is happening this year on Saturday January 12th at the Kennedy School. This year I will be part of a cool little team that will be teaching and playing Tolkien-themed board games from 11am-3pm that day. I’m very excited! Below is the list of games that I will be bringing to the event.

Games that I will bring that we can play (in order of length of time to play):

Games I’ll be bringing for show but not to play:

Come join me and a good group of friends as we play some board games in celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien!