Project Recreo – Magic, Take 2 #NaGaDeMon

Featured Image is Spellbook by James Schofield

So I fell down in another wiki hole recently and realized that the mythos behind Alpha Omega was actually rooted in occult history of the 19th & 20th Centuries, and then adapted to a futuristic setting. It had me thinking maybe I should use a tarot deck rather than a standard playing deck for action resolutions. Not sure though…

I fell down the wiki hole while I was trying to do some research on developing suitable magic system for this game. I’m gonna take what I thought of in the first article on magic and adapt it a little further with help from a great game called Ars Magica. So here’s the second attempt:

  • Magic spells will be concocted using elements/components that the magic-wielder has already learned.
  • A 2 component spell will be any Easy action, 3 components will be Average, 4 components will be Hard, etc…
  • Magic-wielders can choose the number of components, they know at character creation, equal to their highest Spiritual Aspect.
  • Which components they can choose initially is dependent upon which Aspects they have.

Here is an updated list of components and which Aspect they are available to:

Universal Components (usable by all 3 magic wielders, Nature/Arcane/Divine)

  • Create
  • Destroy
  • Transform
  • Control
  • Reveal
  • Propel
  • Increase
  • Multiply
  • Combust

Unique Components (only available to the Aspects in parenthesis)

  • Atmosphere (Arcane/Nature)
  • Earth (Nature)
  • Energy (Arcane)
  • Fluids (Arcane/Nature)
  • Fauna (Nature)
  • Body (Arcane/Divine)
  • Psyche (Arcane/Divine)
  • Soul (Divine)
  • Flora (Nature)
  • Light (Divine)
  • Dark (Divine)


So say a magic wielder wanted to cast a fireball at someone. That would need in its simplest form these components: Create, Energy, and Propel. Which would make it of Average difficulty to cast. Now say they wanted it to explode in the person’s face, they would need to add Combust as another component, thus increasing the difficulty. Or say they wanted to have it be larger to hit more targets they would need to add Multiply, and again increasing the difficulty.

Initial Thoughts

I think this system will be very narrative from the beginning as I play test it. It could become crunchier prettier easily but I want to encourage creativity in players, so we’ll see how that balances.

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