Magic or scientific mysticism?!?! #NaGaDeMon

Featured image is Grand Armillary by Emilio Grasso

I want magic to be very different in this game. As the game is set in a science fiction setting I believe it needs to execute differently than the spell list, spells per day, etc. form of magic as exemplified in the world’s most popular RPG. The title of this article gives some semblance of how maybe magic could be defined in the future. But how will that look game mechanics wise? I was mulling around with it being based in components and elements. So a PC would learn different “parts” of magic that would allow them to “create” a spell. So say a PC wants to cast a fireball, in this implementation, they would need to know how to create fire, create a ball, project it over a distance, and have it explode where it lands. So I’d hazard these different components/elements could be called:

  • Fire
  • Shape
  • Throw
  • Explosion

As you add each component, it would make the spell more difficult to cast. So a one component spell will be easier to cast than a two, three, four, etc. and maybe some components are harder to caste than others? So here’s a tentative spell component list:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Life
  • Shape
  • Wind
  • Throw
  • Explosion
  • Pierce
  • Pin
  • Touch
  • Time
  • Thought
  • Seek
  • Other ideas?!?!

A newly created magic user PC would be able to select maybe 3 starting components, and then as they gain in experience gain more components, and/or have the ability to make the components get more potent (increase damage, range, potency, etc)

Then there is creating the differences between the 3 “schools” of magic I’ve introduced earlier, i.e. arcana, divine, natura. How do I clearly define them and make them distinct from each other?

Arcana is studied/learned magic

Divine is magic given by the gods

Natura is an innate magic present in all living things (including PCs).

Now the reality of trying to combine the two ideas; spell components and different magic focus areas. That’s the growing area I’m still contemplating. Any ideas?

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