Heritage traits #NaGaDeMon

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In determining how I wanted to handle heritages; i.e. different options for base Abilities, Aspects, and Skills, I determined I need another way to give uniqueness to each heritage tradition. So in comes Heritage traits. Here we can add some additional factors that can’t be summed up in other places. And here is my initial list of ideas:


One free piece of equipment

Humans can gain mutations and cybernetics during game play, but not at character creation

Weaknesses – susceptible to poisons


One free mutation, chosen from Mutations list. Examples:

  • Tough Skin – +1 to Armor vs melee attacks
  • Prehensile Tail – +1 to keeping balance, +1 to jumping, +1 to sleight of hand, or ???
  • Claws – allows unarmed melee attack +1
  • Cat Eyes – grants ability to see in low light conditions
  • Gills – allows breathing underwater
  • Acid Breath – allows ranged poison attack

Immunities – immune to radiation or natural poisons


One free cybernetic enhancement, chosen from Cybernetics list. Examples:

  • Cybernetic arm – allows unarmed melee attack +1 or +1 to weapon based melee attack
  • Cybernetic hand – +1 to Agility based non-combat Skill
  • Digital brain – +1 to Academia, Technology, or Science Skills
  • Cybernetic legs – increased speed and movement
  • Iron Lung – +1 vs exhaustion effects

Immunities – immune to poisons, radiation, psionics, and mind-altering magic.

Weaknesses – Susceptible to hacking, cannot use magic


Gain one designer gene, chosen from the Designer Genes list. Examples:

  • Gain immunity to one specific type of effect (such as poisons, radiation, psionics, etc…)
  • Gain a +1 to an Aspect of your choice
  • Gain +1 to a Skill of your choice

Weaknesses – Cannot use magic, cannot procreate


Gain one godsend from the Godsends list. Examples:

  • Divine Messenger – you gain wings and can fly.
  • Holy Avenger – gain a lightning ranged attack.
  • Voice of the Gods – you gain +1 to your Parley skill.
  • Curse the Unbeliever – cause an opponent to draw one less card from a chosen Aspect.
  • Fear Monger – strike fear in an opponent, causing them to have a -1 to a Skill.

Immunities – immune to poisons

Weaknesses – cannot gain mutations or cybernetics, and may only cast divine spells.


Gain one legacy from the Alien Legacies list. Examples:

  • Nephalim blood
  • Nephalim strength
  • Nephalim stamina
  • Nephalim senses
  • Nephalim speed

Immunities – immune to poisons and radiation.

Weaknesses – especially susceptible to psionics, and can only cast divine spells.


*On 11-21-2018 changed Remnant to Evoluu*

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