What’s in a (gaming) name? #NaGaDeMon

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I’ve been mulling over what the name of this project should be. I’ve been playing off the Alpha Omega name. I like that it is using a theologically derived name that honestly can play really well in a supernatural post-apocalyptic setting. Also I was thinking having a name that could also be useful if the system is adaptable to other settings. I also decided that I should use names from either constructed (Esperanto) or dead (Latin) languages, so as to avoid upsetting anyone with a mistranslation. Here’s my initial research.

Esperanto derivatives:

  • Revivigi – resurrect
  • Unua/Lasta – first/last
  • Vivo/Morto – life/death
  • Nova Komenco – new beginning
  • Komenco/Fino – beginning/end
  • Nova Fino – new end

Latin derivatives:

  • Primus/Novissimus – first/last
  • Principium/Finis – beginning/end
  • Primus/Ultimus – The First/The Last
  • Genesis/Mortem – birth/death
  • Recreo – resurrect
  • Initium Novum – new beginning
  • Genesis Ultima – the last creation

I’m leaning towards “Nova Fino,” “Recreo,” “Primus/Ultimus,” or “Genesis Ultima” right now. But I’d also love to hear your thoughts on this subject too. What do you think? Do you have some other suggestions that I should consider?

2 thoughts on “What’s in a (gaming) name? #NaGaDeMon”

    1. Sue, I’m developing a role playing game, similar to Dungeons & Dragons, but science fiction based rather than fantasy. #NaGaDeMon stands for (Na)tional (Ga)me (De)velopment (Mon)th.

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