Powers aka special card effects #NaGaDeMon

Featured image is Derelict Machines by John F Stifter

Back in my Character Basics blog entry I talked a little about Powers (what I initially called talents). Powers are special effects that will trigger based upon specific cards being present when the final draw of a test is determined. This means that Powers will not trigger until successes are being counted, and the specified royal cards had not already been discarded. A PC will have 3 Power slots that will each contain one Power. The Powers in each slot can change throughout the game by player choice. The 3 slots are:

  • “J” Slot
  • “Q” Slot
  • “K” Slot

Here is a start to the list of Powers that can be obtained by PCs:

  • Flip one action token
  • Draw an extra card
  • Redraw one card
  • Increase magic effect one step
  • Specific number is now consider a success
  • Allow another to draw one card on their next action
  • Allow another to redraw one card on their next action
  • Increase your Armor score by one
  • Opponent needs one higher difficulty to succeed at hitting you
  • Opponent draws one less card on their next action
  • Opponent has one less redraw on their next action
  • Gain insight – ask the GM a question pertinent to the situation that the GM must answer truthfully, or gain a weakness bonus vs opponent
  • Turn a negative (❤️♦️) card into a positive (♣️♠️) card

I’m trying to think of other options, got any suggestions?

I’m also thinking it would be fun to have players describe these Powers for themselves based upon their heritage but also on their own personal design of their character. Like if the character is a Remnant, and has the “Draw an extra card” Power, calling it “Use my extra limb.”

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