Action economy #NaGaDeMon

Featured image is Mecha silhouette by Ryu Saranyawut

“I roll to hit.”


“Again. I rolled a 14.”

“You failed to hit. Again.”

In thinking about combat I wondered if there was a way to incorporate more diversity of actions, than what combat seems to boil down to in the end, “I roll to attack…” so I thought what if I could incorporate using some sort of mechanism that would encourage players to try different things throughout combat, and I came upon this idea… what if a player had a certain number of action tokens (poker chips) that they could use, that would enforce using different actions, and would not be replenished until all actions were completed? What would that look like? Okay so I’m borrowing this from some board games, but I like the idea. So let’s run with it. Here’s what I’m thinking will be the primary Action Tokens:

  • Maneuver/Move
  • Attack (Melee, Ranged, or Magic)
  • Activate Heritage Trait
  • Other Skill/Spell (non-move/non-attack)
  • Pause/Replenish Actions

A player will have physical tokens (poker chips maybe) that represent these actions. Each round a player will declare what they are doing by showing their token. Everyone will show their chosen tokens at the same time. Once an Action Token has been used it cannot be used again until they play their Pause/Replenish Actions. What are your thoughts on this idea? Do you have any thoughts on other possible action tokens?

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