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The world for this game is going to be based off an RPG setting (Alpha Omega) I found really intriguing. The company that produced it has fallen off the face of the earth so there is no new material being produced for it. And ultimately I thought the system was too crunchy. Maybe they wanted the world to feel imposing because that’s how the system honestly made me feel. But the world building was fantastic. So I’m gonna do a bit of “borrowing” for this first attempt at making a game. So here are some of the highlights of the setting:

  • Sci-fi setting
  • Post apocalyptic Earth
  • After the apocalypse, nature revolted and “reclaimed” the world
  • Humanity lives in pockets of civilization fighting to not be taken by nature
  • Magic has (re?)entered the world
  • Humanity is being “warped” by nature and new mutations are appearing
  • Angels and demons have come out of hiding and are now impressing their will openly
  • Angels and demons may be aliens
  • High technology – AI humanoid robots, cybernetic enhancements, etc…
  • Corporations make up the bulk of “governments”

As I write out these bullet points I’m getting really excited again to play in this beautiful world. I love the idea of PCs exploring a new frontier, having mutations, interacting with divine beings, sentient AIs, having magical powers, and shooting laser rifles. What’s not to love?


So now let’s talk heritages (aka races or as they are called in the Alpha Omega books, species) in this game. Here are the likely heritages that a character can choose:

  • Human
  • Mutated human – Evoluu**
  • Created humanoid – Bio-engineered (BE) human or Artificial Intelligence (AI) android
  • Half-angel/demon – Grigori-touched*
  • Half-alien servant – Nephalim-born*

There are more heritage options in the Alpha Omega core book, which I feel for my purposes is too many options. Also some options I felt were just too powerful to be PCs, i.e. they had rules to play a full fledged angel/demon which was nearly twice as powerful as a regular human. So I’m not gonna do that, for play balance’s sake. Also I think in this setting some heritages were listed separately that in a less crunchy system can be listed together; i.e. Necrosi and Remnants (Evoluu**) are really both mutated humans. And bio-engineered humans and AIs are both lab/factory-created beings. I think the rules for their creation will be very similar with just a few choices to make them feel unique.

    Humans – “Uncorrupted” humans are the most numerous on Earth still, but their dominance is dwindling fast. The rise of mutations and the rapid construction of AIs is outpacing the growth rate of the traditional nuclear family. But humans aren’t without their benefits. They have learned to study magic and are the best arcane magic “wielders” on the planet. They also are driven to succeed which makes them really good at focused careers.
    Evoluu** (mutated humans) – Often called Morphlings, as a derogatory term, by other races. After the apocalypse there are many mutations that have developed across all living species, and the diversity is well evident in humanity. Those humans who are born with evidence of mutations call themselves the Evoluu. The ones with outward signs of mutations are the easiest to spot and also the most likely to be persecuted against by other humans. Most Evoluu are unique from each other, with no 2 Evoluu having the exact same mutations. Except the Necrosi (Evoluu sub-Group), which seem to have developed a whole tribe/culture around specific mutations; most noticeably pale skin, aversion to light, and ability to see in darkness. Evoluu also have developed an innate ability to use the magic of the natural world around them.
    BEs and AIs (created humanoids) – In this far flung future, humanity has figured out how to create new sentient servants that can cater to every whim and need of the people. Thus bio-engineered (BE) humans and androids imbued with artificial intelligence (AI) were created. Many were created with specific needs in mind, and many have revolted against their programming. BEs cannot procreate but stories say a group of AIs took over an Android production facility and are now creating free-willed “offspring.” BEs and AIs can’t use magic (yet?).
    Grigori-touched* (half-angels/demons) – Since the apocalypse, the rules separating the mundane and divine have seemingly been broken. The divine messengers have returned (or came out of hiding) and are influencing the world once again. And like old times they find themselves desiring the companionship of humans. This has created persons, to a lesser extent, imbued with the powers of life and death itself. Grigori-touched can call upon great abilities unknown to humans, and can channel the magic of the divine. There paths are largely paved by the angel or demon who is their parent, but there are individuals who have chosen to forsake their heritage and forge a new path.
    Nephalim-born* (half-alien servants) – To the uninitiated, one would say the Nephalim are to the Grigori as BEs are to humans. But that’s woefully simplistic and actually grossly inaccurate. Whereas BEs are based on the same “platform” as humans, maybe you could say constructed upgrades to the traditional human, Nephalim are actually a whole separate genome from the Grigori. They are actually an alien species that the Grigori “coerced” into servant-hood and then bio-organically modified to become bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, etc… than they ever were before. And they were brought to Earth to follow their masters, the Grigori. But… the Nephalim have learned from the humans. Many have found them captivating, and their desire for free will has been infectious to many Nephalim. So much so, the world now sees Nephalim and humans living and fighting side by side, which has also created some more intimate relationships, thus the creation of the Nephalim-born who are the offspring of a Nephalim and human relationship. Nephalim-born are only able to wield Natura magic.

*Updated on 11-12-2018 – changed Lesser Nephalim to Nephalim-born and Lesser Grigori to a Grigori-touched*

**Updated on 11-21-2018 – changed Remnants to Evoluu**

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