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Okay so now that I feel my basic mechanic is getting fleshed out, it’s time to talk characters. I alluded to some of the proverbial characteristics that a player character (PC) will have in this game in previous posts. So here’s those concepts a little more fleshed out:

  1. Attributes – Every PC will have 3 attributes. These 3 attributes are basic nebulous areas of emphasis for PCs. A PC may be an amazing physical specimen but be dumber than a brick, and these attributes will let you flesh that out.
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
  2. Aspects – Aspects are subsets of Attributes that further define a character. Just because someone may have a good physique doesn’t mean they are necessarily fast. Aspects are like specialized Attributes. There are 3 Aspects per Attribute, and every PC will have a chance to choose Aspects during character creation. A PC will not have every Aspect, and when a PC does not have an Aspect it reverts to the Attribute score for determining tests. Here are the different Aspects:
    • Physical
      • Strength
      • Agility
      • Stamina
    • Mental
      • Intellect
      • Acuity
      • Willpower
    • Spiritual
      • Arcane
      • Divine
      • Natura (formerly called Nature)**
  3. Powers (formerly called Talents)* – Powers are special talents that PCs can use during tests. Powers represent unique actions or effects different from the standard set. There are multiple types of Powers and they will specify when they are to be used. These Powers are chosen during character creation and can be upgraded or changed by using experience gained by the PC. Powers are triggered by playing royal cards during an action. A PC will have just 3 Powers at any given time filling 3 slots:
    • “J” slot
    • “Q” slot
    • “K” slot
  4. Skills – Skills represent the training a PC has had in their lives. It allows for a test to become easier in obtaining successes. Skills represent specific areas of focus that a character has. Skills can include weapon proficiencies, career choices, magical focuses, etc.. and are tied to a specific Aspect. A PC cannot take a skill that they do not have the corresponding Aspect for. Skills have 4 levels of proficiency:
    • Basic – 9 or higher needed for a success
    • Advanced – 8 or higher
    • Expert – 7 or higher
    • Master – 6 or higher
  5. Heritage – This is what traditional RPGs would call race. I’m not too keen on using the word race anymore and I’ve seen heritage used lately and I appreciate it’s use. For this game it means that every PC will have a Heritage which will be a template that, during character creation, helps flesh out the PC’s Attributes, Aspects, Talents, Skills, Equipment, and even Magic.
  6. Magic – This is an area I am still developing. My thoughts aren’t fully formed on it yet. I will hopefully be discussing more about Magic later. Right now I’m mulling over the idea of creating a system that uses different spell components and allows players to put the components together and develop their own “spells.”
  7. Equipment – Equipment will have interesting effects, depending upon what it is. Armor can increase the number of successes an opponent needs to hit you. Weapons can increase the number of cards you draw or re-draw. Other equipment may be able to interact with Talents or Skills, etc… Right now this area is not yet set in stone, but I hope to have some fun with this too!

*Updated on 11/6/2018 to change Talents to Powers*
**Updated on 11/10/2018 to change Nature to Natura**

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